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The Bright Box - Power-Packed Brightening Facial Kit

The Bright Box - Power-Packed Brightening Facial Kit

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Nature-derived components like hyaluronic acid, amino acids, peptides & nutrition rich vitamins C & E, packed in one box for a royal spa experience in the comfort & leisure of your home. THE BRIGHT BOX , is a power - packed brightening facial kit that is rich in ceramides & boosts collagen formation, which helps in keeping the skin youthful & supple. The facial kit has been thoughtfully put together to quench the thirst of your skin with hydration, nourishment, gloss & glow!

Kit Ingredients -

  • Step 1 - Cleansing Emulsion (100ml)
  • Step 2 - Honey Walnut Scrub (100ml)
  • Step 3 - Youth Enrich Massage Gel (110ml)
  • Step 4 - Saffrose Mask (60gms)
  • Step 5 - Rose Saffron Hydra Mist (100ml)
Start the facial by cleansing your the face & neck thoroughly with the Cleansing Emulsion. Follow up with Daily Detox Cleanser/Calming Chamomile Cleanser for double cleansing(optional). Wash your face with cool water & on a wet face use a pea sized amount of the Honey Walnut Scrub & gentlly exfoliate your skin in circulation motion for about 15 to 20secs. Wash off with cool water. Now begin massaging the skin with the Youth Enrich Massage Gel in upward strokes to boost blood circulation & then in downward strokes at the side of the face intermittently for lymphatic drainage. Massage for 5 to 15 minutes. You can take steam or apply a warm compress to your face & neck at this time(optional). Now apply 1-2 tsps of the Saffrose Mask mixed with either rose water or milk as per your skin type. Leave it on for 10-15mins. Wash off with cool water or wipe off gently with a wet microfiber towel. Once skin is clean & dry spray on the Rose Saffron Hydra Mist & voila, the facial is complete!! Use this kit at least twice a month to maintain the health & glow of the skin.
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