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Midnight Brightening Serum

Midnight Brightening Serum

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Our Midnight Brightening Serum - The Natural Retinol Elixir for Radiant Complexion! A potent blend supercharged with natural retinol from rosehip oil, enriched with vitamins A, B, C, and E from saffron, lemon & grapeseed extracts. Experience the benefits of retinol without any harsh chemicals, as this gentle alternative promotes skin renewal, smooths fine lines, and improves overall skin texture. Our serum is a treasure trove of skin-loving vitamins! This rejuvenating blend replenishes your skin with essential nutrients, enhancing its natural radiance and vitality.

Our Midnight Brightening Serum is carefully formulated to fade dark spots and blemishes, leaving you with a clear and bright complexion you'll love to show off. Packed with pomegranate and papaya seed oils, our serum promotes microcirculation, ensuring your skin receives the nourishment it deserves for a radiant and youthful glow. Let these natural substitutes for alpha arbutin and kojic acid gently brighten your complexion, unveiling your inner radiance.

Our serum is not just another product - it's a skin reviving elixir crafted with passion and precision. Our advanced pro-aging formula is designed to balance your skin's natural oils, leaving it refreshed and rejuvenated. And yes, it's silicone-free, allowing your skin to breathe and thrive naturally.

Usage - Apply 2 to 4 drops on cleansed face & neck during bedtime.

Key Ingredients - Apricot oil, jojoba oil, walnut oil, flax seed oil, pomegranate oil, neroli oil, papaya seed oil, saffron oil, lemon oil, grapeseed oil, rose hip oil, licorice oil, aloe vera, L- ascorbic acid.

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