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Aromafairy Pune

Insta Glow Facial Kit

Insta Glow Facial Kit

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Discover the secret to radiant, healthy skin with the Insta Glow Facial Kit by AromaFairy, your go-to solution for natural, toxin-free skin and hair care.

Why Choose AromaFairy?

At AromaFairy, we believe in harnessing the power of nature to deliver wholesome, effective skincare. Our products are derived from the finest natural ingredients, ensuring your skin gets the pure, gentle care it deserves.

What's Inside the Insta Glow Facial Kit?

  • Cleansing Emulsion - 100ml 

Function: This gel-based cleanser effectively removes makeup, dirt, and grime. It is super for double cleansing!
Key Ingredients: Aloe vera, vanilla, jojoba, and lavender oils.
Benefits: Leaves your skin feeling clean, refreshed, soothed & hydrated. 

  • Honey Walnut Scrub 100ml

Function: Exfoliates the skin gently yet effectively  & ensures brighter skin.
Key Ingredients: Pure honey, walnut, apricot oil, and grapefruit oil. 
Benefits: Smooths and rejuvenates your skin without damaging the skin barrier. 

  • Super Glow Face Mask 60gms

Function: Revives and energizes your skin.
Key Ingredients: Papaya, ginseng, licorice, orange, beets, and Indian madder.
Benefits: Targets hyper-pigmentation, dark spots, tan, and acne scars, revealing a bright, glowing complexion.

Why You'll Love It:

Nature-Derived: Made with natural, safe ingredients.
Toxin-Free: Free from harmful chemicals.
Holistic Care: Each product works in harmony to enhance your skin's health and beauty.
Elevate your skincare routine with the Insta Glow Facial Kit by AromaFairy. Embrace the natural glow and feel the difference today!

Usage - 

  • Step 1 - Cleanse face & neck in circular motion with a coin sized amount of the Cleansing Emulsion & wipe off with a damp Tender Touch Towel.
  • Step 2 - Wet face & neck & gently exfoliate the skin with a coin sized amount of the Honey Walnut Scrub in circular motion for 30 seconds. Wash off with cool water.
  • Step 3 - Mix a teaspoon of the Super Glow Face Mask with rose water if skin is oily or milk if skin is dry & apply all over the face & neck. Wash it off after 15 minutes or wipe off with a damp Tender Touch Towel. 

We recommend using the Rose & Saffron Hydra Mist followed by the Morning Defense Serum or the Midnight Brightening Serum post the facial! And yes, don't forget the Sunkissed UV Protection Gel Sunscreen for best protection against the sun!

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