Our Story

For over 15 years, we have been diligently perfecting our formulations to bring you the best nature has to offer. Our journey began long before AromaFairy became a registered trademark and gained widespread recognition. We were quietly sprinkling our fairy dust on skin and hair problems, working tirelessly to create products that would transform your beauty routine.

AromaFairy carries the legacy of trade secrets passed down from generations of women who believed in the power of remedies from the era of vintage beauty. These classic remedies have stood the test of time and have been cherished for their ability to achieve great skin and hair. We honor this tradition by infusing our products with natural goodness and timeless wisdom.

At AromaFairy – The Beautiful You, we stand for all things natural. Our products are built on the foundation of essential oils, balanced botanical ingredients, and a sprinkle of positivity. We specialize in creating skin food and hair food that not only repairs and replenishes but also nourishes you for the long haul. Every product in our range is fully vegetarian, cruelty-free, and free from harmful chemicals.

Contrary to common misconceptions, our products are suitable for everyone, regardless of gender, age, or skin type. AromaFairy is a brand that embraces diversity and believes in the universal need for natural care. Whether you’re a man, woman, boy, girl, or child, we have products that cater to your specific needs. Our commitment to natural goodness ensures that our products are safe and mild for all.

AromaFairy – The Beautiful You goes beyond being just another organic skincare brand. We are deeply invested in the performance of our products and the well-being of our clients. Our founder, Parinaaz Irani, personally takes a special interest in every client, providing online or offline consultation sessions when necessary. By carefully assessing and analyzing your skin, she offers personalized recommendations and techniques to address your unique concerns.

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Meet the Fairy Behind AromaFairy

The visionary behind AromaFairy is Parinaaz Irani, whose name literally means ‘A Beautiful Fairy.’ Pari’s passion for skincare began at the tender age of 10, experimenting with face packs made from kitchen ingredients and learning Aroma Therapy tricks and techniques from her peers. Over the years, she has built a brand that successfully makes women around the globe look and feel beautiful. Pari aims to debunk the myth that natural ingredients may not always be effective. She not only suggests the right products for your skin and hair but also understands your lifestyle to provide holistic recommendations.

With a degree in Psychology, Pari works on counseling not just your skin but your overall well-being. Join Our Fairy Tale AromaFairy has received an outpouring of support from family, friends, and a growing community of clients worldwide. We are grateful for the trust and love bestowed upon us. As we continue to spread the magic of healthy skin and hair, AromaFairy invites you to join our fairy tale and experience the transformative power of nature in your beauty regimen. Together, let’s embrace the beauty of being you – naturally.

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